Molly, through no fault of her own, found herself needing a new forever home.

DoodleAid set out to find her a new wonderful home, following a home check that home was with the lovely McCrindle family. This wonderful family have been through really sad times and their doodles have helped them with love and comfort along this difficult journey. Here's what they had to say about their experience with DoodleAid and what Molly means to them.

In March 2016 Georgia and I saw the DoodleMania advert for Molly to be adopted and just fell for her sweet face! Never thought any more of it until Rory inquired about adopting her and the next thing we were having a home visit to see if we were suitable. We had already experienced owning 3 dogs, but lost our black Labrador, Shady boy the previous November at the tender age of 14! He was our first family dog......
We obviously passed the home check and Rory, myself, Ziggy and Buddy were soon on a long road trip to meet Molly
She was so sweet and gentle and all 3 dogs ran and played together in a field nearby. We brought her home with us that day. All 3 dogs travelled happily together in the back of the car until we reached home.
The rest is history.....
Molly settled quite quickly and it is as if she has always been with us.
She had a problem of wetting when she was greeted but that hardly ever happens now and she has learned to play and loves playing with the boys and running for the ball. She keeps the boys in check and they respect her. Wary of men still, especially if there is more than one (washing machine delivery).

As you know, I have since lost my husband in the most traumatic circumstances. These 3 dogs have helped me through. At my low points I have considered rehoming them, as 3 large dogs are hard work and Rory and I did everything together. That was why it was a joint decision to adopt Molly.
However, I know that I could never part with any of my fur babies. How could you choose? They are a package! I have had, and still continue to have, some challenging times but I have to say all people that have shown their worth and the most kindest are dog owners! Says a lot!
The kindness from Caz and Rob and all admin and DoodleMania members and your generosity was very much appreciated. I will not forget that Love all xxx

Molly has been with us for just over 18 months now, and we’ve seen a huge change to her personality. When she first arrived she was very shy, timid and wary around men, but now she is happy to greet anyone who walks through the front door with a wagging tail. She settled in almost immediately and makes sure the boys stay in order! It’s as if she has lived with us since puppyhood, and Ziggy and Buddy would agree too – they’re never seen without her'

DoodleAid would like to thank the McCrindles for giving sweet Molly a wonderful. You are always in our thoughts.