DoodleAid are a team of volunteers who help rehome poodle crosses in need based in the UK. We are a registered charity in England & Wales – ( Registered Charity number 1168409). We ensure that all dogs which are referred to us for rehoming should be found loving new homes, where a lifestyle, appropriate to their temperament & needs can be reasonably assured. DoodleAid will handle the rehoming of any poodle crossbreed for any owner that finds themselves in a position where their pet needs to be rehomed for whatever reason, without judgement. Our priority is the welfare of the dog and DoodleAid will endeavour to find the best possible new home for that dog.

DoodleAid does not buy and/or sell dogs. We are more than happy to rehome a poodle crossbreed because circumstances mean the family need to part with their pet, but DoodleAid cannot and will not do so if the donor family expects any payment for their dog. We will always endeavour to match the dog with the new owners lifestyle and needs and if this is not possible, then the dog can be fostered until a suitable home becomes available.

Sometimes, these things can move quickly, sometimes the right home can take longer. If the dog or dogs need to be removed from it’s current owner urgently, DoodleAid will make arrangements to have the dog fostered by one of our registered foster homes.

Kirsten Dillon is DoodleAid’s in house behaviourist. She assists wherever possible and if not in the area, assists in locating a suitable behaviorist to be involved in the rehoming process if needed.

DoodleAid will make all arrangements for the dog to be released from the ownership of the donor family and placed with the new owners. All new owners will have been home checked by a DoodleAid rehoming team member and will be required to sign an Adoption Contract agreeing to providing a loving and safe new home for the dog up for adoption.

Please contact us or fill out the form below if you require assistance rehoming your dog.

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