Mollie came to DoodleAid with her mum Florin (see Florin’s story) needing an urgent foster home. Debbie, Phil and their two doodles Gypsy and Ted stepped up and cared for Mollie whilst DoodleAid set about finding her a forever home. We were inundated with applications for Mollie but there was something about Becky and her family that made them special. Debbie, Mollies foster mum did the home check herself and took Mollie several times to meet Becky, her family and their lovely doodle Oscar to make sure they all got on and that Mollie was going to be comfortable and happy in her new surroundings.

Becky and her family just adore Miss Mollie as they call her and here’s what she had to say.

"We decided it was time to get a 2nd dog as I no longer work and have time. Being a member of DoodleMania, I saw a young girl needing a home and applied. DoodleAid were very professional in handling our enquiry.  Firstly, a home visit to ensure we were all suitable, the whole family, we then went to meet Mollie at her foster home with our boy Oscar... and then Mollie came to our house to play with Oscar.  The next day we collected Mollie from her foster home and she came to live with us. It was nerve racking for all involved but with the help of DoodleAid, it all ran smoothly. We keep in touch also so they see how well Mollie has settled and how much she has us wrapped around her paws"