I wanted to share Milos story with you and let you know how your donations help dogs like him.

Milo’s owner contacted us for help earlier this year, Milo had been displaying aggressive fearful behaviour and quite severe anxiety. He also hadn’t had much socialisation due to an attack on the previous owners dog. We had him assessed by a behaviourist and we collectively made the decision that Milo needed a change of environment.

The lovely Anne Hughes came to his rescue a little over two months ago. Anne has three doodles and we were a little worried about how he might fit in. But Anne took his introduction to her home really slowly. With his owner they met for walks and Milo made many visits to Anne to make him more comfortable with whole situation before he made the final move. We put him on natural calming tablets to help support him through his move. Anne has spent a lot of time socialising him and although he can still be a bit wary of new people and dogs, he has made a massive improvement and is now able to deal with these situations. He’s really happy and settled with Anne and the DoodleAid team are over the moon with the news today that she has decided to adopt him permanently. Of course it means we lose an amazing foster home with Anne, but for Milo this is the very best outcome. We will continue to work with and support Anne and Milo. Whilst in foster the bills mount up, food, vets and behaviourist etc… and your donations go towards all of this. Without your support we couldn’t help dogs like Milo. Being with Anne has changed his life and what was once a very scared little dog is now a very happy, confident and lucky dog to have the most wonderful forever home.

DoodleAid would like to give special thanks to Anne for taking him in and spending the time with him to help him overcome his issues and to all of you for making this possible. I’m sure if Milo understood he would be very grateful too. I had this message from Milo’s previous owner too and I know she would thank all if she could.