Accepting that rehoming my gorgeous doodle was absolutely the best thing for him was extremely difficult, but having the help and support from DoodleAid made an upsetting situation so much better than it otherwise could have been.

DoodleAid spent time and effort finding the right new home for my beloved boy, and did not just pick the first home that came up if it wasn’t right. Communication was amazing and I was consulted every step of the way on how things were progressing in the search for his new home.

The most amazing thing is that DoodleAid found a new home for my doodle with a wonderful owner who from the very beginning said they would love to keep in touch with me and welcomed me to visit him any time. He is now in an amazing home, galivanting along a beach every day with, most importantly for him, two other doodle friends – the perfect life which, due to changes in my own life, I could never have given him.

I get regular updates on how he is doing and go and visit him every few months which is amazing. I will always be extremely thankful to DoodleAid for helping me find a new home for my doodle with an owner who enables him to still be a part of my life despite being rehomed.