Charlies previous owner approached DoodleAid in desperate need, she had adopted Charlie almost two weeks before from a rescue centre, sadly she hadn’t been given a full history of Charlie and it soon became apparent that Charlie couldn’t live with her existing dog Betty. Through fear he had become quite aggressive towards her and very stressed in the situation. His owner was devastated to have to give him up, we tried to work with them and a behaviourist but it soon became clear that neither Charlie or Betty could cope the best thing would be to separate them.

DoodleAid were happy to help and found Charlie an emergency foster place, in a dog free home, with the Walkers. They had previously applied for a DoodleAid dog and had already been home checked, so when we contacted them they were more than happy to take Charlie on.

Charlie needed a lot of work to help him through his issues and the Walkers have done an absolutely amazing job to get him where he is today. All dogs at DoodleAid get their happy ever after, and we are thrilled that Charlie found his with the Walkers, they are everything he deserves.

They keep in touch with his previous owner to let her know how Charlies doing. She had got Charlie as a much-needed companion for Betty after losing her older dog and I’m happy to report that quite recently Betty got her new companion and all is well. I know that his previous owner was very wary of getting another dog after her experience and it’s so important to be given the history or issues about a dog from where you are adopting. At DoodleAid we pride ourselves on the information we give to protentional owners and where a history is unknown we ensure the dogs are fully assessed by a qualified behaviourist. It’s in the best interest of everyone and ensures a successful rehome.

A happy ending for everyone, here’s what the Walkers had to say about their Charlie

Last Wednesday was Charlie's 2nd birthday, it was also the day we officially signed the papers and welcomed him into his forever home! Of course, it was Prosecco and Bonios all round to celebrate.

So, it's seemed to happen so quickly. We were on the books with DoodleAid hoping the right dog was out there in need of a loving home.

No sooner had we had our home check when Sarah phoned asking if we'd be able to offer emergency foster care for a young Cavapoo in need of a home without other dogs.

We said yes of course and within hours, a crazy little bundle of energy called Charlie arrived on the doorstep.

Well, he settled in well bringing a sense of fun, plenty of attitude but a few insecurities as well. He had clearly been loved but had little or no opportunities to socialise with people or dogs and initially saw every new face as a threat which he wasn't sure how to deal with.

However, his eagerness to please, his can-do attitude, some timely help and advice from Kirsten, DoodleAids very own behaviour expert (and his love for liver cake), Charlie has made amazing progress. Ok, so he rewrote the house rules to please himself but now he greets visitors and dogs with a wag of the tail, loves a cuddle with the girls and occasionally allows me a place on the sofa.

We'd hoped from day one that things would work out and that we could adopt Charlie but we've been amazed how well he has adjusted to so many new things. Charlie is a lovable little rogue, he's filled our home with happiness and I'm pretty sure he's as happy as we are to be here too. We owe a big thank you to Sarah and DoodleAid for making it all possible and steering us in the right direction.’