Florin and her daughter Mollie (read Mollie’s story) came to DoodleAid when their owner was in desperate need, she had to move and couldn’t take her two beautiful girls with her. They both needed an urgent foster home within days. Julie, Pete and their two beautiful Golden Doodles took Florin in without hesitation. Florin then when on to be adopted by Julie and her family and couldn’t be happier with them. Thank you for taking Florin in when she most needed it and giving her the loving forever home she deserves.

Here’s what Julie had to say about her experience fostering and adopting through DoodleAid.

‘I always imagined that one day we might adopt a dog......However, when Sarah McAllister, DoodleAid Rehoming Team, asked if we could provide an emergency foster home for Florin, a Standard Poodle we weren't remotely considering adopting at that point in time.

Florin was 4 months from her 8th birthday. Having said goodbye to her latest litter 10 days before and then her 8-month-old daughter Mollie a few days before, Flo arrived feeling anxious and stressed, her third owner had just left and her eyes were fixed on the door. She howled most of the night and as I lay with my arms around her I began to think "what if".

I really didn't want her to go through this again however, I wasn't sure if it would work as she tried to dominate our 2 Golden Doodles.

Sarah arranged for a behaviourist to visit and her advice was invaluable, as it made it possible to adopt Flo and it became obvious that she wasn't going anywhere as we had fallen for her.

Everyone loves Florin there's something very special about her, she's very sweet natured, her eyes seem to penetrate deep into your soul. Flo has so much love to give!

Funny how fate plays a part sometimes, as it seems that Flo was always meant to find us. We're very grateful that she did and can't thank the rehoming team enough for all they did for her. They paid for her to be spayed and veterinary treatments that she needed etc.

Sarah McAllister was extremely supportive and professional.

It was clear that a great deal of thought and consideration was put into what was best for Florin, at every stage by the rehoming team as a whole.

Having gone on to become part of the team myself I've seen this at first hand.’