Grooming Poodle Crosses


Poodle mixes such as Cockapoos, Labradoodles, etc need to be professionally groomed every 4-8 weeks (dependant on how long you have the coat). This applies to other mixes too. Regular grooming at home is also hugely important, brushing out their coats thoroughly every day (using a Slicker Brush) getting right down to the skin – not just skimming along the top of the coat, will prevent knots from turning into solid, thick matts.

You will also need a good comb to get right down to the the base of their coats.
It’s really important to take the time to care for your Poodle Cross coat,always work along side your groomer to get the best advice.

A matt free coat makes a happy dog, and a happy groomer.

Please check out this website to find a professional groomer in your area.