Ziggy - Applictions are now closed


Breed: Labradoodle

Sex: Male

Age: 3 years

Neutered: Yes

Live with dogs: No

Live with cats: Yes

Live with children: No




DoodleAid would like to introduce Ziggy looking for his forever home.

Ziggy is a beautiful black 3 year old Labradoodle, he is neutered, he weighs approximately 26kgs, is microchipped, vaccinated and in good health. Through no fault of his own he found himself looking for a new home. Ziggy had some behaviour problems and DoodleAid took him to kennels under the supervision of one of amazing behaviourists to work with him. 

Ziggy has a beautiful curly coat that will require regular brushing and grooming.

Ziggy had lost his trust his humans, he had spent a lot of time alone, locked away, punished and had items taken away from him. This caused Ziggy to have separation anxiety and guard items when people returned, he believed that his things would always be taken away from him. After much time, patience and lots of hard work from Ziggy he has learnt to trust again and that he can keep his things and wont be told be off for having them.

This gorgeous boy is a bundle of love, and a complete goofball that would make a wonderful companion to the right family. He is ideally suited to an older, active couple with no children that are at home most of the time. He loves his walks but is a lazy boy who is quite happy to have one mad dash around and then amble long. He has fantastic recall and walks beautifully on a harness.

Ziggy is really sociable and great with other dogs, but he would be best suited to home as an only dog. Whilst Ziggy’s guarding of items is now under control a home with other dogs and lots of toys may present a problem for him. However Ziggy would still love to socialise and play with other dogs so an owner that will meet up regularly with other dogs and walks would be ideal for him.

Ziggy can live with cat, one that is older and used to dogs. He’s not shown much interest in the kennels resident cat or any other small furriers.

Ziggy is not quite ready to leave kennels yet, but he will be soon so we are looking for someone that is prepared to build up a bond with him by visiting him several times before they take him home. He will also need some behavioural support initially. He needs an owner who has time, patience and a calm and gentle nature with loads of love to give.

If you think that you can give Ziggy the special home he needs, then please complete an application https://www.doodleaid.com/application/

All potential homes will be subject to a home check and an adoption donation of £250 applies.

Ziggy is currently based in Milton Keynes and people applying to adopt him will be required to travel to meet him several times before the adoption can be completed.