Breed: Cockapoo

Sex: Male

Age: 2 years

Neutered: Yes

Live with dogs: No

Live with cats: No

Live with children: No




DoodleAid is looking for a very special person to foster or give Leo his forever home.

Leo is a male (neutered) 2-year-old Cockapoo who came to us with some behavioural issue’s, he’s been working hard over recent months with our behaviourist in a kennel environment and has made good progress, but now he needs to continue his progress in a home environment and build his trust and confidence.

DoodleAid have been supporting and funding Leo in kennels for last 9 months, the cost to our small charity is huge and already amounted to over £5,000, we are struggling to keep funding Leo in this way and kennels is not the life we want for him either so we are desperately trying to find another solution for him.

Leo came to DoodleAid anxious and stressed and had issues with handling, he is now able to build positive associations with handling and is more relaxed with a trusted person. He will need someone who around most of the day. Someone who is calm, understanding and patient that will allow Leo to interact on his terms and give him all the support he needs to firstly settle back into home life and then progress with his training.

Leo cannot live with children, cats or other dogs.

This lovely, bright and playful boy really needs a second chance in life, could you provide him with the time, love and environment he needs, if so please complete and application form and indicate whether you would be interested in fostering or adopting with as much information about yourself as possible https://www.doodleaid.com/application/

All foster homes will be supported by a behaviourist and DoodleAid will provide a package for behaviourist support for adopted homes.

All homes will be subject to a home check.

Leo is currently based in Cheshire.