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DoodleAids rehoming process is a structured and thorough process which enables us to match the right dog with the right home.

Dogs can be rehomed anywhere throughout the UK but you will need to be able to visit with all resident dogs, and it would be preferable that all other members of the family also attend at least once for a meet and greet to make sure you are a good match for each other.

However, prior to any visits to a dog, a home check will need to be carried out at your home to make sure you have the right environment and circumstances for adopting one of our dogs.

Please bear in mind the location of the dog you wish to adopt and be sure that you are willing and able to make the journey to meet the dog BEFORE arranging a home check.

By visiting your intended dog in either their current or foster home, you will be able to find out as much as you possibly can about the dog. In advance of meeting the dog DoodleAid will provide you with all the information they have for the dog, will always be honest with you, warts and all! We do not want anyone to adopt a dog and go away with any misconceptions; therefore, we will tell you everything you need to know to allow you to decide whether or not that dog is for you. We never want a dog to be returned because of something we didn’t tell you at the start as this can be very unsettling and unfair on the dog. 

DoodleAid generally have dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes, each one with a different personality and temperament and a different need or requirement in a forever home. Every dog is individually assessed in order to find out what sort of home, lifestyle and environment would be best for it so we can create the best possible match for you and the dog. Please don’t feel offended if we turn you down, at the end of the day the dogs are our priority and may they have already been let down in the past, therefore we have to be as sure as possible can for the right fit in their new forever home.

Doodle encourages that new owners keep in touch with the previous owner. Sometimes people have to give up their dog due to unforeseen circumstances and this can be a very upsetting time for them. To know that they will know exactly where and who has rehomed their dog and get regular updates helps enormously and DoodleAid prides itself in being different from other rescues and connecting previous and new owners, many of which have become friends.

Applying for one of our dogs

Anyone can apply for one of our dogs, but please do read the advert carefully to make sure you fit the criteria for that particular dog. DoodleAid carefully assess what each dog needs, some are great with other dogs some not, some are suitable to be rehomed with children and others can’t be, some like to chase cats, others want to be their best friend. There are many things to consider when advertising a dog and we always put the dogs needs first. Please don’t be disappointed if you don’t see the right match for you, keep looking and the right dog will come along.

We just have a few rules on applying for a dog;

Please only apply for one dog, we do understand they are all lovely but we’d like to think that you’ve applied because you feel that’s the one!

Please ensure you complete all of the application form and give us as much information as possible. We want to know as much about you as possible, it will help us to know if you are suitable so if you want to write ‘War and Peace’ about yourself and your family, please do, the more information the better.

So what happens when we’ve received your application?

All applications are placed in the dogs file and we go through and read each one very carefully to ensure they fit all the dogs criteria and then look at the ones we think would be most suited. We make a short list and then go on to call people on that list to discuss the dog further and find out more about you. This part of the process can take some time as we often get inundated with applications, but we do read every one so please bear with us during this stage. We will be in touch whether you have been successful or not.

If you haven’t been successful it doesn’t necessarily mean we think you are unsuitable to adopt, its that someone else was better suited to that dogs needs. We get so many applications for each dog its inevitable that we have let somebody down. We do understand how disappointing it can be.

We don’t keep unsuccessful applications on file, purely because of the volume, we ask that people keep looking and apply again if you see another dog you are interested in.

If you application has been successful to the next stage we will let you know and a home check will be arranged.

What is the home check process?

Anyone who is looking to re-home one of our dogs will need to undergo a home check. At your home check, one of our experienced home checkers will visit you in your home and have a chat with you to ensure that you are aware of the implications of re-homing a dog and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Some of these questions may be directed back to DoodleAid and answered after the home visit. The home checker will need to know that the dog will be treated as one of the family and that your choice of dog is suitable for you needs and lifestyle. 

We prefer that all members of the family to be present for the home check so please do try an organise a time when that will be possible. Our experience tells us that everyone has to be committed and involved to give the dog the best possible chance. We will also need to see some form of identification as well to confirm your name and address; a photo driving licence or passport is our preferred form for checking ID.

The home check is intended to make sure you have the space, time and circumstances to ensure the dog has the best possible home. It’s not about checking that you’ve hoovered under the sofa or dusted on behind the radiators – it’s about your commitment and circumstances being right for the dog. We will know the dog best at this stage so please trust our judgement and years of experience on this.

DoodleAid are happy to re-home dogs with children of any age providing it’s the right fit. So, this process also takes into account the age and dog experience of any children in the home or regular visitors to the home and requires that the dog lives in the house as a pet. We will also be interested to hear of what previous dog experience you have, although experience isn’t always essential and how you will go about integrating a new dog into your current situation. Please do be prepared to put aside some time for this meeting – it isn’t just about checking you have a secure garden and high enough fences!

The home check is there to ensure that our dogs find the best home and that both dog and new owner are well matched.

Our basic criteria ask that:

  1. You are over 21 years of age

  2. You have a safe and secure property ideally with a garden

  3. If you rent your property, you must have permission from your landlord to keep pets on the property AND we will need to see this at the time of the home visit.

  4. Your working hours and lifestyle need to be compatible for the dog’s needs. Dogs are very sociable animals and thrive on human company; therefore, it is unfair to keep a dog when you are away from home for long period (such as long working hours).

  5. Any resident pets, especially dogs, have been neutered or spayed.

  6. The dog must be kept in the house and not live outdoors or in kennels

Experience tells us that certain factors are more likely to risk an adoption not working out for all parties, hence our criteria is built upon those experiences which we hope that you will understand. Our intention is always to give the best possible chance for the dog and there are certain factors which we know tend to reduce those chances and so we try and foresee any future problem’s right from the start. Please don’t be offended if you are not chosen and think we are suggesting ‘you are not good enough’ – it is simply experience that suggests certain factors are important HOWEVER we will judge each individual case on its merit according to the dog you are interested in.

How much does it cost?

Costs may vary but typically adoption fees are £250 to £300 per dog. Many people ask us why a charge is involved and that is simply to contribute towards the cost of neutering, vaccinating and general care whilst dogs are in foster homes. If these costs are not incurred for the dog you are adopting they will go towards another dog in DoodleAids care. The costs for neutering, vaccinating flea and worming often will exceed the adoption fee so the charity doesn’t make any money on these fees and every penny goes to help Doodles in need.

Re-homing a dog – Your commitment

If you are going to adopt a dog, please be sure that you are prepared to put in the time, effort, patience and commitment that a dog being re-homed will need. You will get a million times in return on that investment, but you must be prepared to commit.

Be aware that most dogs will not come home with you and fit automatically into your family and lifestyle, some dogs will take days, weeks or even months to adjust and settle. Moving to a new home is stressful event for anyone and most animals as well as people take time to adjust and settle into their new environment. You MUST be prepared to invest the time and effort and manage children and other pets accordingly. DoodleAid will always be on hand to offer support and advice when needed. The first few days following adoption you should arrange to be with the dog and do NOTHING. Keep the first week very routine, low key and boring – NO great hikes, welcoming parties, great nephews and nieces over on the bouncy castle – quiet, dull, routine and the dog should not be let off the lead for a least 3-4 weeks or until such time that you have had time to build a relationship and test and practice recall in a safe, secure area.

Keep the dog on the same diet until they have settled as any sudden change, along with their move could unsettle their tummy. Once they have settled in you can change their diet to whatever you feel is best to feed them.

Dependent on the dog and their behaviour, you may wish to sign up for training classes especially if they’ve had no previous training, to teach them basic rules and boundaries. Please ensure you find a trainer or class that uses only positive reward based training. If you are in any doubt please contact DoodleAid who will help you. In cases where specific behavioural issues have been identified and discussed with you, DoodleAid will recommend a qualified behaviourist to help support both you and the dog through this stage. So please ask yourself, are you prepared put in the time, effort and possible cost that this process may entail?

For our puppies, we will insist that you enrol for training and socialisation so please do your homework and be able to tell us your intentions. You and your puppy will get a lot out of it even if you’ve had a puppy before, plus it is great fun too!

Caring for the dog you’ve re-homed

Once you have found your new forever friend and your check has proved successful and you are ready to adopt you will be asked to sign and adoption contract which requires that you agree to the following:

  • All dogs offered for adoption before neutering (for example bitches who have only just finished a season cannot be neutered for 3 months as this may compromise their health, or other conditions where it is not advisable) MUST be neutered no sooner than one month after being adopted and no later than three months of being adopted unless written agreement has been given by DoodleAid to delay this.

  • The new owner is responsible for veterinary treatment and third-party liability from the moment the dogs is transferred into the new family’s ownership. They must register the dog at the vet and where applicable, must make registration changes to any microchip the dogs has. They must also ensure that the dogs has an identity tag with their details.

  • DoodleAid requires that any adopted dog is covered under Pet Insurance for the life of the dog, OR in the absence of such insurance, that the recipient home agrees to provide any necessary vet treatment unreservedly for the life of the dog.

  • DoodleAid can assist financially with the cost of neutering the dog (up to £150 for males and £200 for females, with prior approval and upon production of a receipt from the vet for the procedure.

  • DoodleAid will require that the dog is microchipped if it has not been chipped already. This should be carried out as soon as possible after adoption. DoodleAid will require confirmation of the microchip details for their records.

  • DoodleAid will not re-home to a home where a dog will be kept outside.

  • We expect new owners to give the dog a reasonable amount of time to settle and adjust to their new life, however if an incompatibility arises the dog MUST be returned to DoodleAid as soon as possible. DoodleAid cannot accept responsibility for the temperament of any dog once it has been rehomed. Once a dog has settled into a new home his /her behaviour can sometimes change. We can only advise on the temperament of any dog based on information provided by the previous owner. Where the previous owner has highlighted a specific behavioural problem DoodleAid we will arrange a behavioural assessment prior to advertising the dog and details of this assessment will be shared in full with any potential owners. Previously fostered dogs are given health and temperament assessments.

  • A member of DoodleAid should be able to visit your home from time to time within the first six months of ownership to ensure that the dog is happy and settled.

  • All owners are asked to sign our adoption contract.

  • DoodleAid encourages new owners to provide updates and have contact with the previous owners. In a lot cases the previous owner has had to give up their dog due to illness or family circumstances, and this can be incredible hard on them. Knowing that the new owners can agree in advance to keep them updated and knowing that their dog is happy settled goes a long way.

  • Doodles coats need regular brushing and the new owner must realise the time and commitment this takes. Failure to allocate time to this will result in the dog becoming severely matted and the only solution is to have the dog shaved. A badly matted coat not only causes pain and discomfort to the dog, but can also cause conditions such a wet eczema and other skin problems.

  • DoodleAid DOES NOT SELL DOGS. We rely solely on the generosity of donations and hold fundraising events to cover some of the costs incurred with rehoming and fostering dogs. We do ask new owners to make a donation when adopting the dog. The donation amount will always be stipulated on the dogs advert.

  • All puppies up to the age of six months must attend puppy socialisation/training classes or additional training classes/1-2-1 training sessions for older dogs if the dog has any known behavioural problems.

  • DoodleAid insist that he/she will be properly fed, have access to water at all times, exercised and stimulated and receive veterinary treatment whenever necessary. We recommend that all dogs should be treated regularly and protected against fleas, ticks and lungworm. Dogs should be vaccinated against distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis and parvovirus as a minimum with a kennel cough vaccine recommended. Regular boosters should be given or titre testing done to check their immunity.

  • An identity tag must be worn by the dog at all times when out even if the dog is microchipped. This is a legal requirement and must contain your name (your name if preferred over the dogs to prevent theft), a phone number (mobile is best) and your address – house number and postcode is adequate.

  • Dogs should not be let off their lead until you can rely on their recall. DoodleAid recommends a long line or secure area in which to practice recall. Dogs should only be allowed to run free away from the dangers of roads and other potential dangers such as fast flowing water, near cliff edges etc…

  • Please keep the dog safe and secure at all times, do not let the dog stray or be out alone after dark otherwise he/she could be stolen and possibly used for vivisection, dog baiting or puppy farm breeding. Never leave the dog in the car alone at any time or tied up outside a shop.

  • There is no guarantee that the dog is, or will be, free from disease of behavioural problems. DoodleAid make every effort to confirm that the dog is healthy and socially acceptable before placing. DoodleAid cannot however, exclude the possibility of a lurking disorder in a particular dog or an unknown congenital condition from the founder breeds.

I/We promise that the dog will be kept in the house, as a family member. Comfortable indoor sleeping will be provided for him/her.

I/We undertake to have him/her neutered as soon as possible. I/We agree that this must be done within the first three months of adopting the dog, unless DoodleAid have provided me with written authority due to a specific reason.

I/We undertake that the dog will be groomed regularly and keep his/her coat brushed between grooms to prevent matting.

I/We will under no circumstances use the dog/bitch for breeding.

I/We understand that the dog cannot be sold, given or passed on to any other person or animal organisation/charity, without prior consent from DoodleAid. Nor can he/she be euthanized without prior consultation with DoodleAid – except in a medical emergency to ease suffering. If any stage throughout his/ her lifetime I/We become unable to keep him/her for whatever reason, he/she will be returned to DoodleAid for further rehoming.

I/We understand that DoodleAid have passed on in full, all the information that has been made available to them about the dog concerned, and accept that signing this form, I/We assume full responsibility for the above-mentioned dog.

I/We agree to DoodleAids policies and guidelines, and agree to abide by their guidelines detailed above.

I/We understand that this document is a legally binding contract

Finally, I/We agree to love and care for (dogs name) provide him/her with a safe and loving home.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and applying for a DoodleAid dog, we promise it will be a rewarding and fun experience. Good luck with your application and considering giving a DoodleAid dog a forever home.